Saturday, October 11, 2008

Computer problems!! YUCK!!

I have tried and tried to get back to my blog and update!! I finially gave up!! I was telling my friend about it today and went to show her what happened--won't you know it--I got right on my blog!! Kinda like when you take you little one to the doctor because they have been acting so sick and then while he is examining your child they are giggling, the fever is gone, and it looks like they are completely fine!! Don't you hate that!! Well, that is how I felt today. But while we had it up and running I decided to upload my newest project!! Here is a picture of it (Tag Punch flower)and you can find more details in the previous blog entry. I placed this flower on a mini pizza box which was Monday's Splitcoast Stampers Challenge. You can fine it here:

Tag Punch Flowers

I love this new technique of making flowers with a tag punch!! They look so great on a card!! I punched out 8 large tags using the large Stampin Up tag punch. Next I folded them in half (longways) making a fold line down the center of the tag. After that, you fold open your tag creasing from corner (your half fold line) to corner (your bottom tip of the tag).

Next you arrange them to make a cirlce. I found that it helps to glue them to a small circle of scrape as I arrange them into a circl. Once they are arranged I can added embellishments to the middle. I really like using the 5-petal punch from Stampin Up along with a brad or button.

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