Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

I was given another award--thanks Steph!! Now I am suppose to pass it on to 7 others and tell 7 of my favorite things.

1. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ--the giver of my creativity, savior, healer, provider, my everything.

2. My Dear Husband--my best friend and the one I look forward to growing old with.

3. My kids--Kendall, my 14 year old son and Jordan, my 12 year old daughter. What a blessing they are!! They make me laugh, they make me cry, they keep me on my toes, and they make me proud!!

4. Our business--Stan and I own and operate rental cabins, Cabin Creekwood, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

5. All of the friends I have made her is the cyber world--It has been a joy blogging with you all and becoming friends with so many of you from all over.

6. My hobbies: Stamping, Scrapping, Reading, and Camping with my family. Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day

7. My church family--especially the girls in my small group--I don't know what I would do with out them.

Now here are the 7 that I nominate: Glitterbabe, va.sunshine, Dana, Jackie, Biggan, nitestamper, Markie's Mom Happy stamping--keep up the Kreative Work!! I am so inspired by each of you!!


  1. Thank you so much Deb! I'll attempt to do this very soon!!!

  2. thnak you Deb, I will get to it in a day or two....thank you again! Another girl gave me a fun little challenge, I will get to that in a day or two also and I will be sending it to you, it will be fun!(hint: its not card related)

  3. Oh Deb, thanks for sending it back to me. But, my friend, do KNOW that I DO learn from you - not only in your work but in your love of GOD! It just comes through. Thank you, my friend!


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