Friday, May 1, 2009

Verve's Project Parade....

The theme of this Project Parade was to celebrate the women in our life.....It's a girl thing!!
I have just one sister and she is awesome!! Growing up we did not always get along but now she is the best friend ever.  I chose her to be the women I salute during Verve's Project Parade. 
Here is the mug I made for her--sister is spelled out with rub-ons and the flowers were stamped in Sage Shadow and sponged around the edges--then I stamped them on the DP and cut our the center petals--added a bronze brad to the center--punched out Sage Shadow leaves and glued them under the petals--I added one and some ribbon to the mug handle to finish it off.


  1. Hey Deb: Seems like ages since I've seen you. Hope you are well. Wish I were your sister. I love this mug!


  2. This is such a neat project! I just love the colors you chose.


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