Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jumbo Wheel Convertion??!!??

I had heard about converting the Stampin'Up! Jumbo wheel into a mega collection of sentiment stamps but I was not sure how to do it or what to use. I decided to find the stuff and see if I too couldn't convert my wheel into a bundle of sentiments. It was easy!! I thought you might like to see how it is done and find out where to get the needed supplies. First of all you will need the Friendly Words jumbo wheel from Stampin'Up! Where do you get that--from your Stampin'Up! demonstrator. If you don't have one I would be happy to help you out with an order.

Using an exacto knife, make a slit in the seam of your wheel and peel it off all the way around. You will have a long piece of red rubber.
Cutting very very carefully, seperate each of the sentiment pharses apart from one another.

See all the different pharses and words you get when they have been cut apart!?!?
Next you will need some Mounting foam so that you can use your sentiments on acrylic blocks. I found my at the Hand Craft House in Madison. I talked my husband into stopping there today after we took his mother to the airport. He was a good sport and we had fun--or at least I did. They are so helpful at the Hand Carft House--it is worth the 1 1/2 trip over there. They suggested that I use this EZ Mount Stamp N Stor. It works great!! If you don't live close enough to stop in and give them a visit--visit them on their website.

Pull back the protective layer and place you cut out rubber on--pressing very firmly.

Carefully cut the sticky foam as close the the rubber as possible.

Pull off the other protective edge and grab an acrylic block and mount.

Here you have it!! Now it is time to stamp your sentiment on a card.

Works just like the wood mounted stamps that Stampin'Up! sells. I threw together this quick little sample!!


  1. Oh, wow, is that cool or what?! I'll have to see what all is on that wheel and maybe I'd use my other wheels more if I mounted the strips on acrylic blocks. I need to head back to Handcraft House sometime...I love that place!

  2. Now how cool is that??? Thanks for the tip!

  3. DEB!!!! This is fabulous!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!! I love the fonts and sentiments on this wheel. I have had my eye on it for a long time. Just much would you charge to do this cutting and easy mounting for someone? LOL!!!

  4. Pretty cool, Deb! I never by the wheels because I don't have a handle, but maybe I'll add one to my next order and give it a try! :)


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