Sunday, February 10, 2019

As You See It #193

Just a note...that is my sentiment this morning!!  I love the element challenges from As You See It!!  This weeks elements....
Stripes:Cut Poppy Parade stripes
Pattern Paper:Retired designer paper from Stampin Up
Poppy Parade:Cardstock cut stripes
Cut Out:Rooster//stamped on the base card and then layered with a second cut out rooster.  

Gifts Challenge: (using Ann Voskamp's 1000 gifts daily prompts) 3 times you heard laughter is 5:30 am so no laughter yet this morning, I will just reflect on yesterday.  Me and my hubby laughing about aging...we both turn 50 this year!!  A toddler laughing with excitement at a marble roller!! Stories shared about parenting mishap...funny now...not so funny then!! So glad we can laugh at our mistakes.


  1. I like the way you've used all the ingredients in the recipe! The narrow stripes of Poppy Parade make a striking 'roost' for the rooster. You must have great deal of patience to have lined them up so perfectly! Thank you for joining in with us at As You See It again.

  2. I love the country feel you've created...and I am impressed at the way you've added those stripes of Poppy Parade!! Your rooster looks fabulous too! Thanks for sharing it with us at As You See It!

  3. Ingenious way of including all the elements, dj. I love the little rooster perched on the stripes. Thanks for joining us again at As You See It.


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